Thomas Jefferson offered these words at the founding of our country,
“Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, 1st by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
- Thomas Jefferson 1802
The next few months may prove to be very difficult if the financial crisis spreads throughout the world.

"From the Land of the Stary Flag"

A Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos: A classic, the best book ever written on Atlantis. If you want to know what it was like then this is the one book to read because it is a true story. A bit slow for the first 100 pages but then picks up as you follow the life of Zailm as he works his way up the ladder of success. 10,000 years later Phylos poignantly tells the story that perhaps he rose to such lofty heights too fast, working closely with the Rai, ruler of the land and another, the spiritual head and then falling in love with his twin flame, a princess only to succumb to the charms of another from a far off land. The outplaying of karma is fascinating, not until the late 19th century is the karma finally resolved.
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"If Truth is to be hidden in plain sight, They will call it Fiction.
History (His Story) is written by the Victorious."
SR Vaughn

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
"Dividing of the Way"

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Book written bewteen 1883 & 1886, First printing in 1905.

From the land of the Stary Flag.


(Otherwise named, in fullness, Yol Gorro, author of this book.)

Fredrick S. Oliver, Amanuensis

This is before the coming of a new Heaven and a new Earth, in the which shall reign the Prince of Peace for ever and forever, as the Old shall be passed away, for lo! on earth there is nothing great but man; in man there is nothing great but mind.
“Never utter these words: 'I do not know this, therefore it is false,' One must study to know; know to understand; understand to judge.”—Apothegm of Narada.
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of In your philosophy”—Hamlet.
This book is dedicated to progressive thinkers everywhere, but especially to the “Invisible Helper” who has made possible its presentation to the world.

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Mathematical Secret of Universe.

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"A Dweller on Two Planets"
Book the Third(The Fall of Atlantis)
Chaper IV Page 399

Thirty centuries later,approximately, we saw again this land. But how changed. Now had Caiphul lost something. Not the tangible matter visible to earthly men-no,

this was not gone.

But the men we saw were not the high, lofty, noble-souled men known to Zailm and to Anzimee. And when manhood suffers decadence, degradation, all nature with which he has to do also sensibly alters for the worse. Marzeus, the city of manufacturing arts, was no more; it had gone down before corruption. Art had not suffered so much as had science. But the science which drew upon the mysterious forces of Nature
p. 400
the "navaz"--this had so far disappeared that airships were forgotten, or at most were semi-mythical history.
So were many other instruments which Zailm. had known--the naima, those wonderful, wireless, combined telephonic and photographic image transmitters. And the vocaligrapha, the caloriveyant instruments and the water-generators-all were lost in the night of time. But the men of the twentieth century shall find them all again. Twenty-eight decades of centuries hath Day now here continued, and soon it shall be proclaimed,
"The evening and the morning are the seventh day." Ye who hear all my message are the men and the women of this new day, and shall inherit all things from our Father forever. And the full eventide of that day which cometh shall behold you caught up "into the heavens" to escape the end of all things, when the earth also, and the works that are therein, shall be burned up.

{Notice above Phylos commenting on the "future".Book III chapter 4 Page 399}.

Edgar Cayce
READING: 2012-1
Entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were the constructive forces as to the activities of the children of the Law of One, - in all of those influences during the periods when the land was being broken up. We find the entity was as the leading influence for the considering of ways and means in which there would be the preserving of records, as well as ways, means and manners in which either the few or the numbers might be preserved from the destruction of the lands. It would be well if this entity were to seek either of the three phases of the ways and means in which those records of the activities of individuals were preserved, - the one in the Atlantean land, that sank, which will rise and is rising again; another in the place of the records that leadeth from the Sphinx to the hall of records, in the Egyptian land; and another in the Aryan or Yucatan land, where the temple there is overshadowing same. There we find the entity was as the leader of those influences to those that made for the escapes. And though the entity kept itself in the background, innately there is held the thought or feeling within the experience of the entity in the present that SOMEWHERE, somehow, there may be found that manner, that means, that way in which all of that which has BEEN may become a part of men's experience in the IMMEDIATE, now.

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
Chapter XVIII Le Grand Voyage

Page 169
All things move in cycles, but the circle is that of the screw-thread, ever around and around on a higher plane each time. But that time when these things shall come to pass, and no man be able to say nay, is yet far away on the horizon of time future, as far as the
grand recession of the Amazon on the horizon of the past.

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
Book Second
Page 285
Mendocus now watched me as I pondered the proposition. I felt that I could not in any event resume the old life; within me the fire was already alight, and the Sword of the Lord had cut off the old from the new, so that I felt it was between me and the past. No; "Onward, Christian Soldier," must be my song leading to victory. I was decided in my mind, though I had not as yet said so; but I had no need to utter aloud my decision, although, forgetting this fact, I was about to do so, when Mendocus said:
"Thou hast, then, decided to go onward. I am sorrowful because of it. For though thou shalt come forth at last as gold burned in the fire, yet the ordeal confronting thee is fierce. But I will not allow that thy feet go alone; for that were unwise.
p. 286
I will so do for thee that the step be not irretrievable, lest it perchance be as I fear. O, Brother! I fear me woe is thine!" After this decision I was required to take vows of secrecy, whereby I was bound not to reveal any part of what I should learn in any manner which might give the hearer of my words practical use of what I told him. I might drop a hint which might be followed as a clue to the Voiceless Silence where blooms the Flower of Life; but, beyond a hint, my friend, I can tell you nothing. Of hints I have given many. Nor, were I to disregard my word, and divulge secrets of immediate working value, would you thank me. No, rather would you curse me. Why? Suppose we wit an instance: Suppose I were to reveal the secret of the Vis Mortuus, would you thank me? It is, remember, that force which may be projected in all its fatal strength to any distance and which is personified in the famous poem, "The Destruction of Sennacherib," in the line:
"The Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast."
Suppose I revealed that secret? How long would it be ere the world would find that the unscrupulous amongst men were using it to work undetectable murder? And its uses are many besides, for it is the principle in nature which governs transmutation, disintegration, decay, destruction, death. All these, but never does it build anew; it is Siva, the Destroyer. Used aright, it is a beneficent force, for without it there would be no progress in nature, because no change could occur--there could not even be retrogression, but utter stagnation. Its sign is .

Much as that means to me, it can be but a hint to you. Study it if you will, and one day it shall be revealed to you. In reason you can no longer ask why occult matters are so imperatively secret, for it must be evident that this fair earth would be made by the unscrupulous into a very hell of misery and crime, were they not thus secret. For a time those who chose to subvert their knowledge would seem to thrive and prosper, even though the world about them suffered. But subversion of the law is violation, and the penalty at last visited is in tenfold
p. 286
degree upon those who went most astray in their blindness and sin. It would cause them to curse the giver of such wisdom. Nine-tenths of the people of this world are unable to govern themselves well; they cannot in saneness expect to be made sharers of such awful knowledge as Siva represents. Men and women are really not following the Christ until every part of their own nature is held in an iron grasp of merciless subjection to high principles. But study, my friends, study. Christianize the money power of this world, so that capital shall not work harm to men but good, and from good thus born the karma of the world will lead to the goodness of heart which gives calmness of soul; in that calmness your study will bear fruit, and then it will not be a mockery, in seeming, of your hopes for me to say "Study!" I rejoice in those earnest workers whose motto is: "Look up, not down; look out, not in; look forward, and not back, and lend a hand." Only this: the occult student gazes in, and not out! But these are not esoterists. Their name shall one day be great in the world, and though you who desire to study and know occult truths now may not see your hopes fruit in your present incarnation, yet in coming lives you will grasp these truths which elude you at present. Follow Him.

The place to begin your search for Atlantis.

Amazon lake in Brazil.
The place to begin your search for Atlantis.

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