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"The Dividing of the Way."

The Secret Doctrine on the Problem and Evolution of Sex
compiled by Basil Crump of the Middle Temple
The Blavatsky Pamphlets No 2
Published by The H.P.B. Library, Toronto,On. Canada

(exerpt of Pamphlet No.2)
The terrible and conscious abuse of sex by the Atlanteans led on to the worship of the human body and finally of the sex principle in itself, which survives to-day in all the degraded forms of religion in the shape of the most revolting and obscene symbols and practices in the Tantrika of the Hindus, the Red Cap or Dugpa Lamaism of Asia, etc.
The early races of the Third possessed spiritual vision, the organ of which was the Third Eye, functioning at the back [Page 6] of the head, and now represented exoterically by an eye or spot in the forehead on the statues of Buddha and other high deities. With the fall into generation and the abuses that followed, the Eye gradually atrophied and receded into the centre of the head, where it now exists as the Pineal Gland. By the end of the Fourth Race it had ceased to function both physically and spiritually. This is why absolute sexual purity on all planes, not only physical, is insisted on in Occult training, because the Pineal Gland has to be redeveloped to perform its original function, and this can only be done by completely mastering that which overcame us in Atlantean bodies ,and regaining the purity of the early Third, of which the Masters of Compassion are the only representatives surviving from that period. It is the loss of the Third Eye, says H.P.B., which "prevents the remembrance of previous lives," and no sexually impure person can, therefore, "read the Akashic records," as some claim to do.
As to the enquirer's question: "Why the division?" the S. D. makes it quite clear that it was part of the Evolutionary scheme and was not a "Fall" in itself. The karmic evils arose entirely from abuse of the divine creative fire for sensual gratification. Originally the sexes were neutralized except at certain seasons, as in most animals, even today, when not too much domesticated (i.e., defiled) by man. It was the conscious abuse of the function, together with sex-worship and Black Magic (in which sex is the basic force misused) by the Fourth Race, which developed the originally pure instinct into an ever-present "gnawing vulture of Desire," which we carry to-day as our heaviest Karmic burden. This is made very clear in the splendid chapter "The 'Curse,' from a Philosophical Point of View" (II. 409), in which the "Prometheus Bound" of Aeschylusis shown to be the "drama enacted daily within our actual mankind: the lower passions chain the higher aspirations to the rock of matter, to generate in many a case the vulture of sorrow, pain and repentance" — that vulture that gnaws at the vitals of the divine Titan. At p. 410, vol. II., we read that the curse of Karma was called down "for abusing the creative power, for desecrating the divine gift, and wasting the life-essence for no purpose except bestial personal gratification." The whole [Page 7] nature of the Fourth Race was gradually changed, physiologically, morally, mentally and physically, “until, from the healthy King of animal creation of the Third Race, man became in the Fifth, our race, a helpless, scrofulous being, and has now become the wealthiest heir on the globe to constitutional and hereditary diseases, the most consciously and intelligently bestial of all animals!” Dr. Abrams inventor of the new Electronic method of diagnosis and treatment declares that “Syphilis is the basic soil of all diseases,” especially cancer and tuberculosis. Syphilis is the direct result of the Karmic causes set up by the abuse of the creative force in the Fourth Race.

Book the First
"A Dweller on Two Planets"
Comparison is good mental exercise. It is due to the reader and to myself, as well as to Anzimee and Lolix, to indulge a
p. 187
present mood prompting me to make an analytical comparison of these two women.
What was it that fixed so unalterably my desire to wed Anzimee and not Lolix? Both were gentlewomen, the first by nature, the second by--yes, by nature also. I was, however, about to ascribe the sweet charity of Lolix to the perception on her part of the misery she would feel, placed in like situation with those who suffered in very fact. But the ability to so perceive could arise only from its existence in her nature. No, it was her nature finally developed. Both women were refined, intelligent, and both were beautiful, though of types m widely variant as a blush rose and a white lily. Anzimee was a born daughter of Atl; Lolix was one by adoption. A small difference, surely, since both were in full accord and equally sensitive to, the good, the beautiful and the true, in the polished refinement of erudite Poseid. Truly, the relations between Lolix and myself were wrong, but she was not on that account less dear to me, nor was my regard for her less tender and loving. Her companionship had become a part of my life. If I had a sorrow or was despondent, she interposed her sympathy and cheered me. My anxieties were also hers; my joys her joys. In everything but name she was my wife. Then why did not I acknowledge the fact before mankind? Because karma ordered otherwise. I loved Anzimee also. Through this love, karma operated to annul its own tendencies to espouse Lolix. And the mode of this operation was exhibited in my recognition of Lolix as possessed of every requisite to make me happy except in her one lack, that of psychic perception of the relation of the finite to the infinite. Absurd? No. That my soul craved such an ability on her part, and found it not, but did find it in Anzimee, was evidence of the growth of the frail seedling of interest in. the occult life of the Sons of the Solitude, which had been somewhat matured by the words of Rai Ernon of Suern, years before. Sayest thou that if a little such interest worked such error in life that deep interest would make for the losing of the soul, wherefore thou wilt have none of it? Not so. It was the not being true to the
p. 188
ideal at that time gained, true with all my soul, that did the mischief, just as in the myth of Lot's wife, she had never been turned to salt had she obeyed, not curiosity, but the higher injunction.
Lolix had no dimmest perception of this psychic link between the things of earth and the things of infinity. I had; I knew Anzimee had; wherefore I ordered my life so as to include her and exclude Lolix, whereby I did both them, myself and my conception of God (which is but a redundant expression, for no one finite can injure Infinity) a fearful injustice. But karma lay in wait for the evil of my life, demanded payment--and got it, every jot; no words can paint the suffering of the expiation. I scarcely propose to try and shall rest content if a realization of some part of it shall deter others from sin through the certitude that there is no vicarious expiation for evil done, and no escape from its penalty.
The Law of the ONE reads: "Except a man overcometh, he shall not inherit of My life; I will not be his God, neither shall he be My son." There can be but one way to such overcoming, the ever-recurrent plungings into material incarnation, until the errors of the personal will are at-oned to the Divine Will. There can be no vicarious undoing, 1 and soon will I show why. Another can not do thy breathing for thee. Reincarnation, the ever-recurrent prisoning of the soul in fleshly bodies, is but expiatory, is but penalty. If in His Name ye are become free, if in that Way ye have overcome, and in place of being slaves to are masters over desire, ye have undone sin. Then is there no more incarnation for you in the prison of this death, miscalled life. There is no other Way; the Great Master pointed none. ? In expiation of my dark past I must needs return into the world, thy world of sin, sorrow, sickness and pain,and disappointed longings for the peace that passeth understanding. Is not my twelve thousand and more years of further wanderings in the far land of this world, far from my Father's house, and feeding on the husks called joy, suffering the fevers, pains and
p. 189
disappointment of hopes, enough of expiation? Yet for a little while longer I must and, impelled by love, willingly do serve Him. Some souls shall have even more than I, if they turn not. Which will ye? Will is the sole Way to esoteric, or occult Christian knowledge. Whosoever will, shall have Eternal Life. But the will to overcome must replace our will of desire, as the fresh air replaces the exhalations of our lung.

As the atmosphere is around about us, and, inhaled, becomes our breath, so the Will of the Spirit is around us and, entering into the heart that hath determined to strangle into submission the serpent, suffers us not to know defeat. But I, and Lolix, refused this Breath, and unwilling, turned away. Oh! the horror, the pain, of those lost ages, lost with her! But refound by us both, in--overcoming. I am sorry to admit that such moral obliquity could ever have warped my character, even twelve thousand years ago! Will is the only Way to Christ.

Jordan Maxwell.Com
"Access to Documents."

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
Suppose the struggle had proven me wanting, and the verdict had been, "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin"? 'Then my--our--fate would have been that of Mainin of Caiphul. To me who know the dread meaning of this fate, it is more utterly frightful to contemplate than it can be to thee. It means being a brother to devils, and subjection to Satan, who could so cunningly, awfully tempt as we were tempted, and when successful, make a servant of the victim, ever to pile up fresh karma. And such karma as Satan's service makes is worse in a moment than the wickedest man could pile up in a long lifetime. It means such servitude until--when? Forever? Until the end of material things. Then, when the heavens are rolled as a scroll and melt in fervent heat, Satan (Lucifer) shall, with his minions, be cast into that lake of fire which is the second death: which meaneth that the force, the energy of the rebels, that which has made them distinct, potent souls through all the past, shall become depersonalized, and disindividualized, cast into the sum of the Fire of Elements, which form the forces of Nature, the winds, odic and magnetic and electric forces. But annihilation there is not, death there is not, though there be such a change as constitutes the destruction of the union between soul and Spirit, the return of the ]first to the great impersonal Vis Natura, the return of the other to Him who created life. Then, after millions of years the Father will gather the fervid elements into nebulae, star-plasm, worlds, suns, systems, and a "new heaven and a new earth" shall come forth. Then will the depersonalized rebel host begin to reincarnate
p. 395
in protoplasmic life, and thence evolutionize up, up, up along the myriad incarnations until, after an eternity of matter, they come once more to human conditions, to another Crisis, to win or fail, and either, like Sisyphus, run again the weary course, or else inherit hard-won entrance to unconditional being.

There is not nor can be, any death of the Spirit, but of the individuality only.
Study this well, my friend, for such is the fate of evildoers who sell to Satan, because such is Satan's portion. Our Father hath provided a Way. It is the sharp, knife-edge Path, whereon all things so evenly balance that there is turning neither to the right nor left, but steady, even pursuit of the Path, wherein all who travel that way, contain themselves in all things, in eating and drinking, in sleeping and all those things which cause the cares of this world. Those who shall be accounted worthy, without further incarnation, to obtain the resurrection from the body of materiality neither marry nor are given in marriage, but must receive the Kingdom of God even as if still little children. Yet whoso doeth not so, it shall not be eternally counted against them, but only till another incarnation. It must be that the things of sensation which are an offense unto the Spirit occur, but karmic woe will attend the offender until he finds the Path and travels therein. Hear, if hearing and understanding be in thee,for these are the words of the Master.

"Sensual Materialism,Greed and Power"


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