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Aquarius, or the

is a star constellation in the zodiac between Pisces and Capricornus.

Underground cities of Telos,(Lumeria),Poseida,(Atlantis),Rama(India) and Agartha (China) ETC.
Surface Empire of Cities(NWO), Vatican City,Central London and the District of Columbia

Sky signs and Earth

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As we enter the age of Aquarius we are told to seek help from the Empire of Cities (NWO) who is replacing the age of Picses,that of the fish(Religous Control)with its own ego driven mind control(Government). Aquarius the water bearer in the city.Creation of a whole new plan by design as the old plan has become harder and harder to follow without being umasked as a lie. The underground cities were established thousands of years ago by those who fled the atomic war that created the great deserts on the earth. The Sahara,Gobi,Australian Outback,American Southwest.This brought about more destruction in the way of Natural disasters(Pole Shift). Those who could go underground did. Those who were unable to go underground, but survived anyway became tramatized with fear and their ego's ruled over their spirit which has led to this long slow road to self destruction. Those who also were tramatized that went underground only see the brutal life that the suface tribes, in their attempt to survive, decided to avoid the surface dwellers and except only through their spiritual contact to try and provide the knowledge to transform their society of spirital beings that could one day join theirs and one day live in harmony. With or without alien interference (DNA) man has risen to the very level of being his own savior, but self drowned in fear of all things natural causes him to hide behide his ego(Mask) and trust only that that he has made for himself(Science).

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
Book the First
Chapter XVI "Le Grand Voyage"
Page 167

Our course was again eastward, although now farther south, for we did not propose to visit Suernis this time, but intended to proceed instead to our American colonies, as in the original route we had planned to do after leaving Suernis.
We crossed equatorial Necropan (Africa), then the Indian Ocean and the present East Indies, but then colonies of Suern called Uz, then onward above the wide Pacific, still eastward.
"Umaur! the coast of Umaur!"
was the cry that called our little company to the windows to look at a dark, serrate line that bounded the eastern horizon. It was the distant range of the Andes, appearing almost on a level with our vailx, which, two miles high above the ocean, shot towards the hazy, black line. Below was the broad mirror of the blue Pacific, apparently waveless because so far beneath us.
Umaur, land of the Incas in a far later day. Umaur, where in eight centuries more they must find a refuge who should be so fortunately fated as to escape from Poseid, ere, "Queen of the World" no more, she sank beneath the waves of the, Atlantic. Eight centuries, whose lapse would see the proud Atlantean become so corrupt that his soul no more reflected the wisdom of the Night-Side because, the calmness of morality being fled, the key to nature's Penetralia would have been lost,
p. 168
and with it his dominion over the air and the depths of the sea. Alas, poor Atl!

The Gospel of Aquarius as spoken by Jesus
Jesus at the age of twelve in the temple. Disputes with the doctors of the law. Reads from a book of prophecy. By request of Hillel he interprets the prophecies.
AGAIN the great feast in Jerusalem was on, and Joseph, Mary and their son were there. The child was twelve years old.
2) And there were Jews and proselytes from many countries in Jerusalem.
3) And Jesus sat among the priests and doctors in the temple hall.
4) And Jesus opened up a book of prophecy and read:

5) Woe, woe to Ariel, the town where David dwelt! I will dismantle Ariel, and she shall groan and weep:
6) And I will camp against her round about with hostile posts;
7) And I will bring her low and she shall speak out of the earth; with muffled voice like a familiar spirit shall she speak; yea she shall only whisper forth her speech;
8) And foes unnumbered, like the grains of dust, shall come upon her suddenly.
9) The Lord of Hosts will visit her with thunder and with tempest, and with storm; with earthquake, and with devouring flames.
10) Lo, all these people have deserted me. They draw to me with speech, and with their lips they honor me; their hearts are far removed from me; their fear for me is that inspired by man.
11) And I will breathe an adverse breath upon my people, Israel; the wisdom of their wise men shall be lost; the understanding of their prudent men shall not be found.
12) My people seek to hide their counsel from the Lord, so that their works may not be seen. They fain would cover up their works with darkness of the night, and say, Who sees us now? Who knows us now?
13) Poor, foolish men! shall that which has been made say of its maker, He is naught, I made myself?
14) Or shall the pot speak out and say to him who made the pot, You have no skill; you do not know?
15) But this will not forever be; the time will come when Lebanon will be a fruitful field, and fruitful fields will be transformed to groves.
16) And on that day the deaf will hear the words of God; the blind will read the Book of God's Remembrance.
17) And suffering ones will be relieved, and they will have abundant joy; and every one that needs will be supplied; and it will come to pass that all the foolish will be wise.
18) The people will return and sanctify the Holy One, and in their heart of hearts, lo, they will reverence him.

19) When Jesus had thus read he put aside the book and said,
You masters of the law, will you make plain for us the prophet's words?
20) Now, Hillel sat among the masters of the law, and he stood forth and said,
Perhaps our young rabboni who has read the word will be interpreter.
21) And Jesus said,

The Ariel of the prophet is our own Jerusalem.
22) By selfishness and cruelty this people has become a stench unto the Elohim.
23) The prophet saw these days from far, and of these times he wrote.
24) Our doctors, lawyers, priests and scribes oppress the poor, while they themselves in luxury live.
25) The sacrifices and the offerings of Israel are but abomination unto God. They only sacrifice that God requires is self.
26) Because of this injustice and this cruelty of man to man, the Holy One has spoken of this commonwealth:
27) Lo, I will overturn, yes, I will overturn, it shall be overturned, and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is and I will give it unto him.
28) In all the world there is one law of right, and he who breaks that law will suffer grief; for God is just.
29) And Israel has gone far astray; has not regarded justice, nor the rights of man, and God demands that Israel shall reform, and turn again to ways of holiness.
30) And if our people will not hear the voice of God, lo, nations from afar will come and sack Jerusalem, and tear our temple down, and take our people captive into foreign lands.
31) But this will not forever be; though they be scattered far and wide, and wander here and there among the nations of the earth, like sheep that have no shepherd guide.
32) The time will come when God will bring again the captive hosts; for Israel shall return and dwell in peace.
33) And after many years our temple shall be built again, and one whom God will honor, one in whom the pure in heart delights will come and glorify the house of God, and reign in righteousness.

34) When Jesus had thus said, he stepped aside, and all the people were amazed and said,
This surely is the Christ.

Isis Unveiled
by H.P. Blavatsky
The neglect and withholding of these proofs have driven such eminent minds as Hare and Wallace, and other men of power, into the fold of modern spiritualism. At the same time it has forced others, congenitally devoid of spiritual intuitions, into a gross materialism that figures under various names.

But we see no utility in prosecuting the subject further. For, though in the opinion of most of our contemporaries, there has been but one day of learning, in whose twilight stood the older philosophers, and whose noontide brightness is all our own; and though the testimony of scores of ancient and mediaeval thinkers has proved valueless to modern experimenters, as though the world dated from A.D. 1, and all knowledge were of recent growth, we will not lose hope or courage. The moment is more opportune than ever for the review of old philosophies. Archaeologists, philologists, astronomers, chemists and physicists are getting nearer and nearer to the point where they will be forced to consider them. Physical science has already reached its limits of exploration; dogmatic theology sees the springs of its inspiration dry. Unless we mistake the signs, the day is approaching when the world will receive the proofs that only ancient religions were in harmony with nature, and ancient science embraced all that can be known. Secrets long kept may be revealed; books long forgotten and arts long time lost may be brought out to light again; papyri and parchments of inestimable importance will turn up in the hands of men who pretend to have unrolled them from mummies, or stumbled upon them in buried crypts; tablets and pillars, whose sculptured revelations will stagger theologians and confound scientists, may yet be excavated and interpreted. Who knows the possibilities of the future? An era of disenchantment and rebuilding will soon begin--nay, has already begun. The cycle has almost run its course; a new one is about to begin, and the future pages of history may contain full evidence, and convey full proof that
"If ancestry can be in aught believed,
Descending spirits have conversed with man,
And told him secrets of the world unknown."

Lemurian Contact
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