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Migrants & Wanderers

written 1953

"Other Tongues-Other Flesh"
The Migrants arrived on Earth during the middle division of the Tertiary Period. This is known as the Miocene Epoch. In the strata of this epoch are
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found "Eoliths" or "Dawn Stones" (flints). They are roughly shaped, and some authorities claim they were fashioned by primitive human beings. Others say that the Miocene flints are of natural origin. The "Dawn Stones" were undoubtedly used by the offspring of the "Sons of God" and the "daughters of men". The Migrants made the Earth planet their abode in order to gain experience on the physical plane. The Sirian planets centralized Thought Incarnate so to speak and man was sent to Earth, a prisoner of pain for education. Man's heart was heavenly in divine creation, his body was physically handicapped by weight, but he acquired proficiency in altering his body. Man could create by thought and he created monsters and abominations. Man, therefore, came from races of angels mixed with beasts, and he is now engaged in separating the brute from the angel. He has a mission on Earth for he is this planet's keeper and essentially has lessons in flesh to learn. Man must know pain, suffering, and sorrow so he can become a fit subject for higher planes. Man finally put thought into practice, and created abominations. When he first arrived on Earth he had no body as we think of a body, so he looked upon beast and bird and chose the physical vehicle most likely to give him attributes producing qualities of spirit. The various cat forms were attractive to The Migrants, but the ape form was the form most suitable for their Earth environment and experience.
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"A Dweller on Two Planets"
The form of punishment meted out was the rationalistic, as the woman's attempt was to attain forbidden pleasures and she did not, uninstructed, know how. Her hand slipped from its grasp on the fruit and its side was torn out, so that its seed dropped on the earth and became flint-stones, while the fruit, still adhered to the tree, and became of the likeness of a great fiery serpent, whereof the breath scorched the hands of the culprit. Feeling the pain, she let go her hold on the Tree of Life, falling prone upon the earth and never fully recovering from the injury. Thus man became the superior being through the development of his nature by the necessity he was under of preserving his mate and himself from the cold and kindred conditions which came along with the flint-stones. (The last Glacial or Ice-age). Having fallen back into these material conditions, reproduction of species was a necessity once more, and so the law of continence supposedly commanded by Incal was broken. Death thus entered again into the sum of human reckoning and, until the Word be observed, no man could know a deathless condition. CONTAIN THYSELF! On this dependeth all knowledge; no occult law is so great as this. Use all things of this world as abusing none. (I. Cor. vii., 31). Such was the popular belief regarding the creation of human
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kind by Incal. The higher priests held to a religion which was virtually Essenianism, although for obvious reasons the populace were not aware of this fact. The date of this fabled occurrence was theologically supposed to have been preceded at least 9 thousand centuries, and some semi-authorities set it at even a more extended period than that. Incal, the Father of Life, was not supposed to punish His children except that He made the laws of nature self-executive, His immanent, will, and if any one transgressed these the guilt was inexorably punished by nature, it being impossible to set in motion a cause without a consequent effect; if the cause was good, so also was the consequence. And in this they were undeviatingly correct; no mediator can avert for us the results of our misdeeds. 1 The Poseid nation believed in a heaven of good effects for those who put good causes into operation, and there was a region filled with bad effects for the wicked; the two places were adjacent, and those who were neither wholly good, nor wholly had, were supposed to live on a middle territory, so to speak. But, both of these post-vital conditions were included in the Shadow Land, as the word "Navazzamin" may be translated, literally, "A country of departed souls."

"Other Tongues-Other Flesh"
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"To the apples we salt we return!" Remember that strange phrase from "The Saucers Speak!"
Space intelligences said that this was one of their old prophecy legends, but what could it mean? It sounds as though space people salted away some apples and were now returning to them. But what about the word "apple"; what did it represent? For many months now, evidence has been accumulating at a rapid rate that there are many people on Earth that don't really belong here! This doesn't mean that they came here aboard a Flying Saucer, disembarked, put on a tweed suit, polished up their English language and moved into the house next door. It does mean, however, that there is a special class or order of beings in the Universe that are different from the rest because of the fact that they wander from one world to another, and from one system to another. They are the "chimney sweeps" of Creation. It is their specific job to go to the "trash cans" of the Universe and give aid to their fellow man on those backward worlds. If these Wanderers didn't arrive here by spaceship, how did they get here? They volunteered to come to Earth and go through the reincarnational cycle here. In otherwords, they were born here! They have birth certificates, they went to school,
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had the childhood diseases, drank soda pop at the corner drug store and made eyes at each other in school, or threw "spit balls" at teacher. In brief, they were exactly the same as all the other people on Earth, except for one thing: they didn't belong here! They occupy physical vehicles and are born to parents of their own choice who they feel will best give them the advantages and training they need to fulfill their missions on Earth. It was this special order of beings that arrived with the Son of Thought Incarnate when He came to Earth for the first time to begin his instruction. It is said that 144,000 souls or Lesser Avatars arrived with the Elder Brother, Son of Thought Incarnate. Here we see the use of the mystic numeral 12. Much will be said about this later. There were several statements made in "The Saucers Speak!" that are significant in connection with these "Wanderers" or "Apples". "Seeds may be planted but they can rot and never reach maturity." This means that the people of outer space knew what was going to develop on Earth. They "planted" some of their own people here; "salted" them away like "apples". But every seed that is planted or "salted away" does not grow and reach maturity; it may rot in the ground because of many conditions. Therefore, some of the "Wanderers" now on Earth do not know who they are--they are lost in the ways of the Earth, and on physical death will return to their own worlds. They will be none the worse for their experience, except that their
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mission will not be accomplished. Space intelligences knew that a certain percentage of the "apples" would fall by the way, therefore enough of them incarnated into Earth bodies to make up for this inevitable deficiency. It should be stated here that during the "Great Influx" of the late 1800's, many offspring were born to space visitors who had mated with Earth women. The descendants of these offspring are living today, but they are not part of the class known as The Wanderers. Space friends also said: "Many of our people are in your world now. There are nearly ten million of them, with six of those million in the United States itself." This statement refers to the "apples". Space people, actually born on other planets, do get out of Saucers and go into cities and towns for various purposes. They never remain long, for they make the survey they are working on and immediately leave. Truman Bethurum points this out in his book, "Aboard A Flying Saucer". At certain times Aura Rhanes was seen by several people in places of business and on city streets. So there are several million people in the world that have nothing to do with this world as far as learning anything from it that they haven't already acquired. They either passed through many lives on the Earth planet itself, or they learned the same lesson on another world similar to our Earth. At any rate, they are far ahead of the average Earth man or woman. Why do they come back? The answer is,
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because they want to help; they feel that there is something far more beautiful for man on Earth to attain. They are the reason we have progressed more in the last fifty years than we did in the previous ten thousand years! Many of our great and famous historical personages were "apples". Those specifically mentioned were Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, and others. Of course, many more fit into this category. The Wanderers go through a normal childhood, not realizing who they are. If they are not among those "seeds that rotted" they someday remember who they are, where they are from, and what they are here for. Many "apples" had memory veils lifted about 1947, the year when Kenneth Arnold brought the Flying Saucer to the attention of the world. Space intelligences figured that we wouldn't develop atomic power until sometime in the 1960's. But World War II with its demands that an atomic bomb be made, speeded up the advancement of science and therefore the entire space program working itself out on Earth. The Saucers then appeared openly and also began the great task of "waking up" their own people occupying Earth bodies and going about their daily business unaware of the entire matter. Many received "the beam" in 1947!

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
---------- "Phylos, thinkest thou that because I have wisdom which thou bast conceived only God to possess, that I am not human? My son, I am more wholly and truly human because thus near unto God. But the mass of people on earth are not fully developed even yet in the human principle; their lives, actions, passions, are centered in the Fourth or animal soul, and only the more exalted are come to the development of the human within them. When mankind shall come fully into its humanity, then Earth can no more be its planet; they must come here. Bear in mind ever, that all thou seest in Hesper is but human, and so thou wilt know more of what Man is, how glorious a being he is. Man is only partially human, and not filled with the Father, nor come into his Spirit body, and he must therefore marry and live in marriage, else the race would cease to reincarnate. Each ego must pay its debts. But many will die debtors to Him."
We three, father, daughter, and myself, went into one of the wide porticos of the brown Parthenon like mansion, and sat down, being where we could see over the profusion of flowers in the great gardens. So beautiful was the scene, both near and far, that I was content thus to remain, unmoving. Here was no devachan, no scene of effects, but an active life in a world of cause.
This life differed from that upon earth in being broader, more perfect, more glorious than terrene conditions can produce in the present round. Ordinary life in Hesperus is all that the highest form of life can be on earth; and thus has all the wonderful development which exists in the midst of the secret occult brotherhoods of Earth. It is impossible to express adequately what perfection of physical life exists
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in Hesperus. But it is a perfection of the physical nature, amid ideal surroundings, all of which prepare the animal man to work for the human man, and he for the Spirit man, the I AM, or ego. Thus does the ego progress through matter. Is it not a sublime thought that reincarnation does not mean transmigration of souls? The first leads man ever up; the other, which is false, even in theory, merely a perverted notion of the first, might mean progress, but more often would mean retrogression, and in all this Universe there is no retrogression. Reincarnation is but a chance to expiate the errors of life, chiefest of which is not overcoming and containing self. Will ye not pay? Then are ye doomed!

"A Dweller on Two Planets"
"It is good to be at home again," said Mol Lang. "I love my home because here are my friends, and here is the congenial atmosphere of spirituality. I see about me the environs of my last objective incarnation, this present. For me there is no more birth, and no death of the body except through transition of the Logos. Here I passed the ordeal of the crisis and am become androgynous, for in me now are the feminine and the masculine; I am whole, not half, and I and my egoic mate are one individual We twain are one, and have come unto the Spirit in the sense uttered by the Savior when He said, 'Be ye therefore perfect, even as thy Father is perfect.' And thou, my son Phylos, wilt surely come into this same glory, for by thy karma it is so fixed. Yes," said he, reverting to his first thought, "it is good to be at home." The old man arose from his seat and paced with stately erectness up and down the veranda. "Old?" Yes, as earth counts age; for Pertoz he was just in early prime, not yet come
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to his two hundredth year by some forty-eight months. And age could never affect him more, for he was come to deathlessness; to bodily immortality. Of him, as of many, are the words of the beloved apostle, John. 1 At that moment he was in his astral form, his physical body being in his sleeping-room, where he left it, in order to cross interplanetary space for me. Curious thought! An inhabitant of Venus able to visit earth at will! Yet it is not really difficult. It merely involves the leaving of the physical body and plane at one point, and entrance to the astral, or psychic plane. From this latter it is as easy to return to the state of cause at any point, be it Alcyone, chief of the "Pleiads, glittering in their eternal depths," or even further, beyond ken of the telescope, as it is to return to the place departed from. The whole difficulty is in leaving the physical plane at all, and for the advanced esoterist this is as nothing, because the normal state of his soul is always in the astral or psychic instead of the physical. The difficulty with a student is in the repugnance he feels to the thought of returning to an inferior state of being, like life on earth. But the Life of Love is:
"I serve." So we return.

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