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Translation in Poseidi script
"To Ernon, Rai of Suern, I, Gwauxln, Rai of Poseid, return this in token of thy appreciation of the Poseidi."

Edgar Cayce Reading
READING: 957-1
In Atlantis the entity visited. Incarnated in what is now Tibet, but a visitor to that land during that period when there was the spreading of the teachings from that NOW known as the Mohamets [Mohammeds or Muhammads?].

Edgar Cayce Reading
READING: 990-1
Entity was in that known as the Atlantean land, in those periods when there were the comings of those from Atlantis to first the Pyrenees and then portions into Egypt; when there was the distributing of those tenets that had been correlated by the entity's peoples and the Priest, with those in the Mongolian, the Indian, the Carpathian experience.

Edgar Cayce Reading
364-13 6.
(Q) Are the places designated for the beginning of the five races correct?
(A) As we find, these are changed, in that: Those in the Gobi, the yellow. The white - rather in the Carpathians than India, though this is the change to which they are made. The red, of course, in the Atlantean and in the American. The brown in the Andean. The black in the plain and the Sudan, or in African.
7. (Q) Where was the Carpathian region?
(A) Aarat.
8. (Q) Where is the location? Is it on the map today?
(A) Southern part of Europe and Russia, and Persia and that land. Caucasian mountains.


"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Chapter XVI
(Voyage to Suern)
At last the storm king withdrew his forces and the time had come for our descent. Down we swept from the vault of heaven, into Ganje, capital city of Suern. p. 155 Hast thou ever been in the ancient and long-deserted city of Petra of Seir? That very peculiar city at the foot of Mount Hor, a city hollowed from the living rock? Quite likely not, for the followers of Mahomet make it hard to visit the place. But if thou hast read thereof, then thou hast some idea of Ganje, in old Suerna, built in the cliffs of the river banks.

Petra of Seir

"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Chapter XVI
(Voyage to Suern)
I have striven to lead thee into Espeid (Eden) to teach thee of its beauties, and thou wouldst not! I have tried to make thee van of all nations and thy name synonym with justice and mercy and love of God, and how hast thou requited me? I would be as a father to thee, and thou didst curse me in thy heart! Keener than knives is ingratitude! I would have led thee to the heights of glory, but thou wouldst rather lie in wallow of ignorance, like swine, content to do what are marvels to other people, but thyself all ignorant of their import. Thou art an infidel, ingrate race, believing not in Yeovah, content to live by the little thou knowest, too slothful to learn, more ungrateful to Yeovah than to thy Rai! O, Suernis, Suernis, thou hast cast me off and made my heart to bleed! I go. From thy midst the 'Sons' go also, a mournful band of disappointed men. And thou shalt become few where thou art many, a derision before men and a prey to the Chaldeans; yea, thou shalt dwindle and shalt wait until the centuries--even ninety centuries, are fled into eternity. And in that day thou shalt suffer until the time of him who shall be called Moses. And of them it shall be said, 'They are the seed of Abraham. ' And behold, even as now the Spirit of God is abroad in the land, immanent in the Sons of the Solitude, and ye do mock It, so in a remote day shall His spirit become manifest and shall incarnate as the Christ, and so shall the perfect human glow with the Spirit, and become First of the Sons of God. Yet shalt thou even then know Him not, but shalt crucify Him; and thy punishment shall go down the ages until that Spirit comes again in the hearts of those who do follow Him, and finds thee scattered to the four winds! Thus shalt thou be punished! From now until then shalt thou earn thy bread by the sweat of thy face. Thou shalt no more have the regal power of defense, lest thou use it for offense. I will no more restrain thee. My people, oh, my people! Ungrateful! I forgive thee, for thou canst not know how I love thee! I go. Oh! Suernis, Suernis, Suernis!"

Note:Rai Ernon (King of Suern) telling Rai Gwallian (King of Atlantis) that he has failed in his attempt to bring his people to be in God's favor.

"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Chapter XVI
(Voyage to Suern)
As we traveled westward the sun seemed to remain as it was when we left Ganje, for its speed, or that of the earth, rather, was the same as our own. We had been on the way for five hours and had covered considerably over half of the distance home, the whole journey being something like seven thousand miles. The remaining two thousand miles would occupy some three hours for transit, a length of time which seemed to my impatient desire so long, that I paced the floor of the salon in very fretfulness. I have seen, since the days of Poseid, a time when a vastly slower progress would have seemed swift, but then the past had a veil obscuring it so that comparison was impossible-- "Man never is, but always to be blest."

Note:The distance of travel between Caiphul in Atlantis and Ganje/Ganga at the western edge of then Hindustan is said to be 7000 miles.This matches the Atlantis map as I have it placed it on a world map.

Isis Unveiled
by H.P. Blavatsky
Chapter XV

Therefore, we are bold enough to maintain our assertion against the opinion of many men of learning, whom, nevertheless, we consider far more learned than ourselves. Scientific induction is one thing, and knowledge of facts, however unscientific they may seem at first, is another. But science has discovered enough to inform us that Sanscrit originals, of Nepaul, were translated by Buddhistic missionaries into nearly every Asiatic language. Likewise Pali manuscripts were translated into Siamese, and carried to Burmah and Siam; it is easy, therefore, to account for the same religious legends and myths circulating in all these countries. But Manetho tells us also of Pali shepherds who emigrated westward; and when we find some of the oldest Ceylonic traditions in the Chaldean Kabala and Jewish Bible, we must think that either Chaldeans or Babylonians had been in Ceylon or India, or the ancient Pali had the same traditions as the Akkadians, whose origin is so uncertain. Suppose even Rawlinson to be right, and that the Akkadians did come from Armenia, he did not trace them farther back. As the field is now opened for any kind of hypothesis, we submit that this tribe might as well have come to Armenia from beyond the Indus, following their way in the direction of the Caspian Sea--a part which was also India, once upon a time--and from thence to the Euxine. Or they might have come originally from Ceylon by the same way. It has been found impossible to follow, with any degree of certitude, the wanderings of these nomadic Aryan tribes; hence we are left to judge from inference, and by comparing their esoteric myths. Abraham himself, for all our scientists can know, might have been one of these Pali shepherds who emigrated West. He is shown to have gone

p. 579
with his father, Terah, from "Ur of the Chaldees"; and Sir H. Rawlinson found the Phoenician city of Martu or Marathos mentioned in an inscription at Ur, and shows it to signify THE WEST.

Caucasian Mountains

Secret of Suranesh (Survivor of Suern?)
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