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Umaur, Land of One God- Incal?
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More than a just a Rock from Brazil?

Edgar Cayce Reading
READING: 470-22
When in the Atlantean land, there were those making for that change that was for the preservation of the peoples; and the entity - with others - migrated to what is known as the Peruvian, or later known as the Incal land.
READING: 470-22
(Q) What was the date of the Peruvian incarnation as given in Life Reading, and what was the disturbance in the earth as mentioned? Give such details as will clear up this period.
(A) As indicated from that just given, the entity was in Atlantis when there was the second period of disturbance -which would be some twenty-two thousand, five hundred (22,500) before the periods of the Egyptian activity covered by the Exodus; or it was some twenty-eight thousand (28,000) before Christ, see? Then we had a period where the activities in the Atlantean land became more in provinces, or there were small channels through many of the lands. And there were those, with the entity and its associates or companions, who left the activities to engage in the building up of the activities in the Peruvian land. For the Atlanteans were becoming decadent, or being broken up owing to the disputes between the children of the Law of One and the children of Belial.

Pisac ruins of Peru

"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Chapter XVIIi
(Le Grand Voyage)
Umaur, land of the Incas in a far later day. Umaur, where in eight centuries more they must find a refuge who should be so fortunately fated as to escape from Poseid, ere, "Queen of the World" no more, she sank beneath the waves of the, Atlantic. Eight centuries, whose lapse would see the proud Atlantean become so corrupt that his soul no more reflected the wisdom of the Night-Side because, the calmness of morality being fled, the key to nature's Penetralia would have been lost,
p. 168
and with it his dominion over the air and the depths of the sea. Alas, poor Atl!

Incas of Peru

Note: The time of this story is stated as 11,160 B.C.E. Therefore only 800 years later would come the catastrophe (10,360 B.C.E.) that brought about the destruction of Marzues and Terna. Also an end to mans knowledge of the nightside forces and advanced technology. See page 10, The Sarggaso Sea.

But Umaur lay ahead of us, and ignorant of the misdeeds-to-be of our national posterity, we in our vailx stood gazing on the coast we were so rapidly approaching, and commented upon its majestic mountain ranges as seen through the telescopes. 1 Here we beheld a land where, after thousands of years, the conquering Castilians would come, led by Pizarro, and find a race under the rule of Incas, a name preserved through the many centuries from the day when their remotest ancestors fled from sunken Poseid, calling themselves "Children of the Sun." Umaur was the region of the quarries of Poseid and of many of its rich mines of mineral wealth. Here, too, were vast plantations, and east of the mountains were regularly planted groves of the rubber tree, the genuine Siphonia Elastica of botany. Here also flourished the Cinchonas, as well as many other trees now indigenous to South America, colonized plants from Poseid. Until planted abroad by Atlanteans these vegetable treasures never grew outside of Poseid, and to-day the wild forests of peculiar South American trees and shrubs are the direct descendents of our regularly cultivated farm and plantation products in Umaur. In that olden time the Amazon river ran within dykes across the continent, and the trackless
p. 169
sylvas of Brazil were then drained areas of tilled soil, such as the adjacent territory of the Mississippi is to-day. Some day this river, "Father of Waters," in the north, will sweep unresisted, undyked, across the lowland, which, even now, its surface is above in altitude. It will do this, because these things are certain to be in the mutations of the coming centuries. It will do this, also, because history repeats itself; think not that thou shalt inherit, reincarnate the glories of Atl, and escape its shadows.

Note:Key word= adjacent territory- from above statement.

Note:Indications from the book "Dweller" are that Unmaur would be but a few hundred miles west of Caiphul(Atlantis),but to travel there in an antigravity aerial machine it is easier and cheaper to rely on the earth's clockwise rotation at about 1,020 M.P.H. to save on propellent fuels that would take up space in the ship. Besides weight in not a factor in antigravity modes of flight.

Flightpath to Atacama Desert

"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Chapter XXIIII
(A Witness before the Criminal)
It was two thousand miles from Caiphul to that part of the Umaur coast nearest which I desired to go inland. But, thinking of Anzimee, the distance was passed unheeded until we lay above the region where now the geographies mark the great niter-bearing desert of Atacama. It was desert then as now. We found on prospecting its deepest sands, near to the base of the Andes, that these were rich enough in gold to justify myself and men in setting up the electric generator of water. This was an instrument containing several hundred square yards of metal plate surface arranged in banks like the gills
p. 208
of a fish, the whole encased in a tight metal box. An air current entering at one end of the case had to traverse every inch on both sides of the plate ere it touched the farther end. As each plate was made and maintained very cool by Navaz forces, the result was rapid deposition of moisture from the atmosphere. In the example cited the generator was of the largest portable size, and the flow of water condensed by it was about a quart every minute, quite enough with which to do a considerable amount of mining in the economical way in which our mining machinery used water.

Atacama Desert

Note:The Atacama desert is along the Pacific coast of Peru and Chile. It seems quite possible that a 2000 mile flight from Caiphul would be probable as the desert is great in length( 600-700 miles) as it lies along the coast.

Atacama Desert

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