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Note: There seems to be but one Cayce readings pertaining to Necropan/Africa for at this time 11,160 B.C. Africa was not being represented by any great empires (in Cayce's mind, except to those that pertain to Egypt)) and would not be until the refugees of Atlantis made their way to that area of Egypt (about 10,400 B.C.) through the Pyrenees mountains of Spain,Portugal, and France (Basque peoples). The Pyrimids would then be constructed with their help. Cayce readings at that point are numerous. See Atlantis Page 8 for more on this.

"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Book One
Chapter XVI
(The Voyage to Suern)
Page 147
At about the tenth hour it was reported that Necropan was beneath, and at this surprising information, because at the speed I had ordered, we should have been at least six hours longer in coming to that country, I enquired of the vailxman his reason for increasing speed without orders. No good reason being given, I severely reprimanded the conductor, and ordered that a descent be made to terra firma, in order that we might travel by day over the Wasted Land, as our word Sattamund may be translated, which is the Sahara desert of to-day. This great wade some of our party had never seen,
p. 148
and to allow them the privilege we settled down to spend the night on an elevated ridge, high enough to be above malarious influences, for we were near where modern Liberia lies.

"A Dweller on Two Planets"

Book One
Chapter XVIII (Le Grand Voyage)
Page 169
We crossed equatorial Necropan (Africa), then the Indian Ocean and the present East Indies, but then colonies of Suern called Uz, then onward above the wide Pacific, still eastward

A Dweller on Two Planets
Book the Third
Chapter IV
Page 399
We saw the world as Zailm. saw it: Suern, with its millions of people; Necropan, with its ninety-odd millions; Europe, then a barbarian land, only about one-sixth its present area; and Asia, not so large in extent then as now, but containing over a half million of souls. But the sparkling, brilliant civilization which was more than peer of even proud to-day, that was glorious Atl! Eleven hundred millions of people, civilized or but semi-civilized, and as many more scattered over the continent and islands of the seas who were utter barbarians--such was the world of Zailm, generally viewed. The numbers of the human race, and especially their increase during several generations, has appalled the pessimists. But the greatest of pessimists, Malthus, need have felt no alarm had he but known.
"The world goes up and the world goes down,
And the sunshine follows he rain."
There are a varying number of people always in the world; now more, now less; for as a soul comes to Earth (having been in devachan) a soul passes from Earth into devachan. But now two come while one goes, or two go while one comes, relatively. Wherefore the world is apparently encroaching upon the sources of supply, or again the supply of all things exceeds demand. But only a fixed number of Human Rays went forth from the Father, and only so many have Life, or ever will have. But these come and go as the tides ebb and flow, now on Earth, now in Heaven. Malthusians need not fear.

Note: Did Cayce Read "Dweller"? See below.
Liberia vs Iberia?

Edgar Cayce Reading
READING: 3184-1
Entity was in Atlantis during those periods when there were the separations, just before the breaking up of Poseidia. The entity then controlled those activities where communications had been established with other lands,

and the flying boats that moved through air or water were the means by which the entity carried many of those to the Iberian land,as well as later those groups in the Egyptian land -when there had been the determining that the records should be kept there.

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